Thursday, August 20, 2009


Recently porn model Tommy DeLuca contacted my buddy, Pierre Fitch about wanting to do a scene with him. After paying for DeLuca's plane tickets, booking a suite at a hotel, which was almost $400 for a night, DeLuca seems to have had a bit of a diva tantrum over having to take a taxi to Pierre's place. Isn't it enough that he was welcomed into Pierre's home, eat Pierre's food and be treated to an amazing time in Montreal? I have been a guest of Pierre's on many occasions. He is quite possibly one of the most entertaining and generous hosts I have ever had the pleasure of staying with. Pierre documented the incident on his blog. One thing Pierre left out was the fact that DeLuca had a major issue with not having a direct flight from New York to Montreal. OK, so he would have had to change planes in Philly. Was he worried about chipping a nail? There was only one direct flight from New York to Montreal and the ticket would have cost over $1300. When you calculate that in with the $400 hotel room, camera man, editing, plus paying Tommy his fee the shoot would have cost in the neighborhood of $3000. That is an extraordinary amount to pay for one scene. Even with the less expensive connecting flight, which was about $700 (non-refundable, by the way) the scene would have still been the most expensive Pierre had ever produced. How can DeLuca consider himself a professional or even worth of working in the porn industry. It's not like he is the most attractive model. If it were not for his horse size cock he would never get any work. I have reposted Pierre's blog entry detailing the events of what happened. There is no justification for DeLuca's behavior. None whatsoever. I have known Pierre for some time and consider him one of my best and dearest friends. I know that every word of his post is true. During the entire escapade Pierre was telling me the things that were occurring. Less than 12 hours before DeLuca's flight was set to leave he pulls this stunt. There may be some more underlying issues, but they certainly are not with Pierre. If DeLuca wants to continue in the industry and be taken seriously he really needs to re-evaluate his priorities. On a personal note, I hope that news of this incident spreads through the porn world like wild fire. I sincerely hope that other porn producers and directors will take a very close look at DeLuca before hiring him. If this much drama occurred over a taxi and flight arrangement, can you imagine what he is like to work with on a set. When Pierre told me about what happened I told him to consider himself lucky. This is not the kind of person he needs to be associated with. So here is Pierre's blog entry. Judge for yourself...

Today I get a phone call from Tommy deLuca and he asked me if everything was fine for tomorrow - I said yes. He asked if anyone was picking him up at the airport. I said you can take a cab, you have my home address, and I’ll pay for it. I thought this was all understood, and if not, at least the best and most convenient way.

He replies that he always gets picked up - and asks “don’t you have staff to do so?” I explained how easy is it to get to my place, and whether or not you know the area, the Cabbie does !! - and it won’t cost you anything and it’s quick.

Well, Miss Diva did not like the idea of coming by herself in a cab so I said I would take a cab to the airport and come back with him.

After this phone call he e-mails me telling me I was rude to suggest a cab. My God - it’s just ridiculous. I wasn’t rude, I just said that a cab made the most sense. How hard is it to take a cab !!!???

The most important point is that HE is the one who e-mailed ME for work. I mean, I thought I was a Diva, but damn - this was some real attitude. Thankfully Matt the Great was able to get my airfair ticket back since it was non-refundable.

Sorry to vent like this, but you get the good with the bad here on the blog lol. I’m kind of upset at this behavior, because in over 10 years I have always been nice to models and never had problems as petty and crazy as this one.

The bottom line is he cancelled - over taking a cab I’d pay for, he cancelled the shoot. I was really looking forward to working with him, but imagine on set how much crap there might have been. He was my most expensive shoot ever … airfare, cab, cameraman, hotel and his fee - and he pulls this immature stuff. Sorry again for the long rant, but it’s just so upsetting.


  1. I vote for a world-wide Tommy DeLuca boycott!
    x Robert

  2. I live in NYC , VERY CLSE TO TOMMY DELUCA.. over a 9 year prriod .. he has fucked me a handful of times.. first of all . he is somewhat stupid acting and moronic.. he neve really get totally hard.. his dick is long but I see bigger fatter thicker and harder ones almost daily.. when he fucks you doggy usually .. he keeps one hand on his laptop cruising GRINDR,, he always fucked be racand bareback.. I became POZ IN 2009 and had fucked him beforecand after I found out.. but I was getting freaked by him.. so I never return his calls or pleas to hook up,,
    He uses all his monet to buy VERSACE CLTHE SHEETS TOWELS.. he even has VERSACE PLATES GLUED TO HISVWALL..I would rather be fucked by a Areal an.. than some weirdo full of himself..
    Time will catch up with him.. I would not pay 1 dollar to see him or fuck him.. sorry for ur bad time