Saturday, July 18, 2009


Anyone who really knows me knows that I have an unquenchable love of kink and leather. Maybe that's the reason I am so drawn to Wolf Hudson, the King of Kink. Wolf has demonstrated time and time again that he knows how to make a scene hot and push the envelope of kink, without entering the realm of disgusting. Yes, there is kinky, and then there is. "what the hell are you doing with that goat?!"

Is it because he can pull of wearing leather like no one else? Is it because he has mastered talking dirty down to a science? Is it because he is forceful and dominant? Or is is because under all of this he is one of the sweetest and funniest guys ever.

We have been following each other on Twitter for a while. He continues to keep me laughing. The banter back and forth between him and his best friend, Rob Romoni, and his enthusiasm for life keep me coming back.

Wolf is probably one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans ever. He is a remarkable dancer and credits his love for dance to The King of Pop. So when news broke of Jackson's death my first thought went to my friend, Wolf. I knew a part of him died that day too. He tried to get tickets to Jakson's funeral at the Staples Center in LA, but was unable to. Fortunately a fan scored two tickets for him. I know this meant the world to Wolf; to be able to say a final farewell to his idol.

Wolf has is now directing quite a bit and has signed as a Cocky Boys exclusive. He continues to produce some of the highest quality work in porn, but his life is not all about porn. He has an amazing life story. He has several siblings from a father who seemed to have multiple encounters with other women. A short while back he located a sister he never knew he had, and more recently located a brother on Facebook. He's had his ups and downs, but through it all he has come out on top.

Wolf recently hosted the 2009 Grabby Awards in Chicago. There were several stars nominated, but through the votes and support of his fans he won the coveted honor. I have seen many of the clips on youtube and from all accounts he did an amazing job.

I wish Wolf all the luck in the future. He has certainly been an inspiration to me and to countless others, not just through his porn work, but through his blogs as well. He may be the King of Kink, but hhe is definitely one of the most down to earth, coffee chugging, people I have ever known.

Keep up the good work Wolf. We love you, babe!


  1. I agree Wolf Hudson is a first class act all the way! Amazing performer and a good man!

  2. BTW Matt finally got around to adding this blog to my blogroll, complete with ur great Graphic ;)

  3. awwwww, thanks DeWayne. That'sweet. I really appreciate it.

  4. G'day Matt,
    I'm not as great a fan of Wolf as you are which is good news as there is one less in the line for "a ride" lol!
    x Robert